A Confidence Boost

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A Confidence Boost

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Last week, I wrote about a lie I’ve finally decided to stop believing. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t continually trying to creep back into my life. I have to pause, actively capture the thought, and speak truth into it. Sometimes, when I feel stuck–God helps me out. A few days ago I was browsing through old journals,  looking to come up with more topics for my blog posts.  An entry that caught my eye ended with this phrase:

It’s a pretty blunt reminder that God has plans for my life–and yours–that are bigger than you or I could ever imagine. We need to be confident.  This confidence, however, needs to be placed somewhere other than our own talents and abilities. Our skills can only get us so far.  We all have faults and inhibitions that trip us up from time to time; we are merely human! When we place our confidence in what *we* are capable of, we are bound to fail at some point. When we place our confidence in an infallible God? Watch out, world!

God wants to do amazing things through you. Are you willing to put your confidence in His abilities? 


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