Appreciating the “Boredom” of Normal Life

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Appreciating the “Boredom” of Normal Life

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Disclaimer: Another one from the archives…this happened in 2011. Don’t freak out on me. 😉

There’s nothing like a trip to the ER followed by surgery the next

morning to make you appreciate the “boredom” of normalcy.


This past Thursday started out normal enough. Josh had the day off and we had plans to visit the zoo. This is a pretty common thing for our animal-loving family to do, especially once the nice weather hits. We had a great time, and things were pretty normal after our morning away from home, too.


After we were home for about an hour, the pain hit and it hit me hard. It was bad enough that I took 800 mg of ibuprofen for the pain around 2 pm (and I am very hesitant to take a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g). It seemed to help a little bit,so I tried to go on with the rest of the day as normally as possible. I remember cringing as the thought “This had better not be the ‘new normal’ for my cycles!” ran through my head.  After lying in bed with a hot compress on my abdomen for a while, I felt (just) okay enough to attempt dinner with the rest of the family.


Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. I was back in bed, in horrendous pain in less than an hour. I miraculously managed to fall asleep before the kids’ bedtime but woke up shortly after they were in bed. At this point, I was pretty sure I need to go to the hospital. I loathe the idea of going to the hospital, for a myriad of reasons. When I needed to crawl the 20 feet from my bed to the bathroom (for the second time through this ordeal), Josh told me he was calling my mom and taking me to the emergency room.  I wanted to tell him I could just sleep it off, but I knew he was right.


Josh called my mom, telling her that he needed to take me in to the hospital. She’s amazing, so she came over quickly. I know she was confused when she saw me because the pain had subsided–it came in bouts–and I was standing and talking just fine.  We thanked her and headed to our hospital of choice.


Once in the emergency room, Josh filled out the paperwork and we began our wait.  Due to a name mishap, we managed to skip triage altogether.  The pain-induced vomiting may have had something to do with that. Either way, this skipped step was a huge blessing, as the level of pain and nausea I was experiencing got me hooked up to IVs and on meds very quickly.  The pain did not subside, but continued and even began to worsen.  An ultrasound was ordered and lots and lots of liquid (waaaaay too much) was discovered around my gall bladder and liver. Not good. That was inconclusive, and the pregnancy test they made me take came back negative, so a CT scan was ordered. It is not easy to hold a deep breath while you pass in and out of that tube–especially when you are in severe pain. Ugh…and that contrast drink is SO gross.


It was decided that exploratory surgery was my best option, but the ER personnel wanted to wait it out until morning when my regular OB was on schedule. Of course, there was no guarantee that this issue was even OB-related, but it was their best guess as there was too much liquid (blood) to get a decent view of anything.  I spent the remainder of the night/morning on morphine…I don’t remember much!


Josh had a ‘health maintenance’ appointment scheduled for Friday morning that he had to either keep or end up jumping through a whole lot of hoops to keep an insurance incentive.  (I’m not sure why neither of us thought to call the doctor’s office and let them know what was going on…sleep deprivation?) He left, and my pain went sky-high again as he left.  I remember seeing my heart rate monitor hit 123 and thinking, “I should tell them to page him back here. I NEED him!”  The pain and tears won out over that thought, and I continued with the morphine as I was prepped for surgery a little earlier than expected.


I didn’t know it at the time, but my mom had called my younger sister who lived nearby to see if she could get to the hospital to be with me before the surgery.  She missed me by about 15 minutes. 🙁 She came and stayed all day long, through the surgery and beyond. She and Josh waited with me after the surgery and through the ridiculously long time it took me to come out of anesthesia.  I remember waking at one point and seeing that they were watching Despicable Me…pretty sure they’ve got at least one good story about something loopy I said before being fully awake.


As all of this craziness was going on, the one thing that gave me assurance was knowing that I was being prayed for. Every time I opened my eyes, I saw my hubby with folded hands, praying.  I knew the rest of my family was praying for me…and I found out after all was said and done that there were some specific people from my church family that had prayed for me.  I am a very blessed woman indeed!

When all was said and done, the doctor had removed approximately 1-1/3 liters of blood, and discovered that the internal bleeding had been caused by a cyst located on the bottom of an egg ruptured.  The rupture was smaller than a pinhole.  Had the cyst been on top of the egg, nothing would have happened. Nothing! Doc told Josh and my sister that the chance of this happening to someone are about 1 in 999,000. Lucky me?


Yes, I am lucky, but I wouldn’t word it as such. I am blessed. Blessed with a husband who knows when to push me to do something I don’t want, blessed with a family that will come to us at a moment’s notice when needed, blessed with an amazing church, and blessed with many friends that prayed for my situation and then provided meals and helped in other practical ways while I finished recovering at home.


Now…now I am more than happy to be back to the “boredom” of my normal life!


Has God placed you in any situations lately to more fully appreciate your boring or normal life?

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