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Beautiful Scars

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That scar up there?  It’s not the only one I have.  This particular set of scars came from a crazy experience that gave me a new appreciation of life.  The day before I turned 30, I had a home-canning experience accident I would love to NEVER (never never never…) experience again.  I came home from an emergency trip to my local doctor’s office with seven stitches on the side of my pinky and a Xanax in my system.  It’s almost undetectable, but there’s still a scar. And in full disclosure, I also have one that came from a high school cross country TP-ing adventure. 😉 I know, it’s less than lovely talking about scars. But I really do have a point!

Physical scars tend to be easy to see, and it’s usually pretty easy to know what caused them.  Laparoscopic surgery led to three small incisions, leaving scars.  An exploding glass jar cut my hand and led to stitches, leaving a scar.  Tripping in the middle of the night with friends during a TP-ing prank led to a fall and a scrape, leaving a scar.  Cut and dry, easy to follow.  Action, consequence, scar.

Personally, emotional scars are a whole ‘nother story. It’s not always a clear-cut action/consequence/scar scenario. Up until this past weekend, I would have told you that I have no such scars. Ha! After a precious discussion with a handful of women and this week’s sermon, I was completely wrecked. I came to a realization that was ten years in the making. Ten. Years. I never put my student teaching “failure” and my feelings about finishing my degree (aka fear, bitterness, resentment and anger) together.  Painfully obvious, yes.  Still, something *I* didn’t piece together until my pastor posed the question “Do you think God sends us problems to create a dependency on Him?” I may as well have been sucker-punched.  That’s exactly what I believe God has done for me, and I’m just now realizing it. Emotional scars can be nearly impossible to see and very easy to ignore until forced to face them head on. In my case, it’s taken ten years to even realize there was a scar to begin with!

Each of us has our own set(s) of scars, and I think they’ve been placed upon us intentionally by a God who loves us completely and unconditionally in order to create precious individuals. Physical and emotional scars both make us who we are, the person  God created us to be.  The scars we accumulate are pieces that God uses to form us into the intricate, wonderful puzzles that He created.

Have you recognized and acknowledged your scars?

2 thoughts on Beautiful Scars

  • Cathy February 7, 2017Reply

    Nicely done. God allows the scars so we can be drawn nearer to him. Sadly, sometimes we never find them.

    • pmr1517 February 8, 2017Reply

      Thanks, Mom. 🙂

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