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Finding Something Extra

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Once again, I recently ‘stumbled’ upon something great in my most-often-used Bible, and I think it’s worth putting out there for all to see.


First,  you need some background info on just why the passage I read had such an impact on me.  I had recently had a conversation with someone regarding a foster care placement they knew of.  It was the mother’s sixth baby born addicted to meth. Yes, I said sixth.  As in, her parental rights had been terminated at the hospital for the previous five children she had borne, and the same thing happened this time around.  As a mother, I am both saddened and enraged by this.  I cannot imagine the torment the helpless baby goes through; I’ve seen and read about how difficult detoxing is for an adult.  This baby–and sadly, many more like it–have to go through it from birth.  It really made me think about how absolutely blessed I have been to be born to parents who loved me before they even knew of my existence.  Thank you, Mom and Dad!


Back to what I read that struck me like a brick.  There’s a daily devotional that is about “finding the extra in the ordinary”.  If you’re anything like me, you reach a point every so often where the mundane, routine things that are your very life start to drive you crazy.  Laundry.  Dishes.  Disciplining little ones for the same thing repeatedly.  It’s not just me, right?  As I read through  the devotional, I thought about how there really is something “extra” in my ordinary life.  Stability.  For me, and for my children.



Do you ever take the time to reflect back on your ordinary life and purposefully find something extra?


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