Mayhem vs. Miracles

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Mayhem vs. Miracles

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Years ago, a blog hop I participated in gave us this prompt:

Have you experienced any miracles in your life?

My answer, of course was (and continues to be) an adamant “YES!”


I have been a part of so many amazing miracles. I’m not talking about the crazy, hard to believe, God-was-definitely-taking-care-of-me miracles.  I know without a doubt that those happen. I just blogged about that kind of a miracle in my life a short while ago. I chose to focus on the “little” miracles. The ones we all seem to take for granted. If I’m carefully observant, I get to see these miracles every day–especially through my children.


When I first wrote this post, Norah was 17 months old.  She was the one I was able to see “little” miracles through  most often.  I loved seeing how excited she would get when she realized she had done something herself; say, drinking out of an open cup OR she had caused something to happen; even if it was dumping her plate on the floor. (Again.) Either way, she was learning to experience life through her own actions and behaviors. Miracle.


Estelle was 5, and I thought she was a handful. (Ha!) She loved to pester her siblings (she was so good at pushing their buttons–and mine!) but she was also quick to let me know when one of them was hurt, feeling icky or just in need of some good old-fashioned cuddles.  She was showing me that she was learning compassion and putting it into practice. Miracle.


Zeke, our only boy at that time was 3 years old. He was (and still is) a sensitive soul for sure. He drove me a little crazy with how much something as simple as spilling a teeny bit of milk on his pajamas could cause him to have a major meltdown, yet he would be the first to volunteer to help in the kitchen.  He had just learned the song “Jesus Loves Me”. Hearing that song from him would melt my heart and gently nudge me back toward the gospel in the midst of a chaotic day. Miracle.


We have experienced many miracles since then, namely adding Jesse to our family.  He’s added his own extra element of crazy to our family, but I sure do love him. He’s our little music lover. Just a few days ago, we heard the song “God’s Not Dead” on the radio. It’s one of his absolute favorites. Shortly after the song was done, he came up to me, and my first thought was “Erg! Go away. I’m trying to get dinner prepped so we can eat before 7:30 tonight!” Fortunately, I shoved that aside and listened to what he had to say. He asked if I knew why this was his favorite song, and explained why before I could guess. He said he loves this song because he “used to think God was dead when I was little” and the song reminds him that God is not dead. Granted he’s still an itty bitty guy and I’m almost certain he was getting Christmas and Easter stories a little mixed up, it was still so sweet to hear from him. At not-quite-five-years-old, he was taking worship music and using it as a way to calm his fear. Miracle.


My children can cause a lot of mayhem. But if I am carefully observant I see many miracles through them.


Are you looking past the mayhem in your life to find the miracles?

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