The Bedtime Monster

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The Bedtime Monster

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Ugh…talk about convicting.  This is a post from *at least*  four or five years ago, and I still go through this same exact struggle when Daddy’s gone for bedtime.    



Call me a lazy mom, but I’m perfectly content in handing the torch of parenting off to Daddy come bedtime.  This is particularly true once my little ones have been weaned.  It’s like I get this little window of time that’s completely mine.  No husband, no kids.  Aaaaah…it feels so peaceful, especially after having one of ‘those’ days.  To be perfectly honest, I kinda feel like (maybe?) I deserve a little break by that time of day; whatever kind of day it has been.  Really, what mother doesn’t work a 24/7 shift?


The problem with me being perfectly content in giving bedtime duty completely to Daddy is that he’s not able to be there every night at bedtime.  So once or twice a week, I handle the bedtime routine.  And I generally don’t handle it well.  I get impatient, I yell and I try and try force my little ones to get through the whole thing faster than they are truly capable of.  The faster they finish, the faster I get my “break”.  Really nice of me, huh?  Things should change this week.  Between taking a moment to reflect and then actually writing this post out, I’ve realized something terrible.  That bedtime monster? 


That terrible bedtime monster is me.  


My kids are not doing anything more than simply being kids at bedtime after a long day.  They may be cranky, crabby, or whiny, but they are just kids.  They need some extra grace at the end of the day, even on their “extra naughty” days.  The rough-housing and screaming and giggling going on in the bathroom as they are supposed to be brushing teeth and going potty and washing hands are the very things that are helping them to create special bonds with each other.  And with me.  I don’t want all of their mommy-putting-me-to-bed memories to be negative memories.  I have to change.  For them.  For me.      


I need to be less of a monster and more of a nurturer.  I need to remember to take the time to listen to each of them, to pray with them about their day and their days to come, to linger as long as they are willing to let me.  


This monster needs to go!


Do you have “monsters” in your home?

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